Resort Development

Design and Execution (Turnkey Projects)

The physical condition of a hotel or resort property is a critical determinant of operating performance and market value. strategic plans and property development plans, capital expenditure decisions, marketing plans and re-branding decisions need to be carefully weighed by hotel owners. These decisions must be strategic and expertly executed in order to maximize operating performance, market value, and return on investment at the time of sale.

Resort development is a process that links investors /owners, developers, and the hotel operating company in a lengthy working relationship to develop a product which appeals to the market and at the same time satisfies the demands of all three parties.

Hotels and resorts looking to undertake expansions or renovations can rely on the strategic advice of Eease Hospitality Consultancy to ensure their developments are feasible, deliverable and capable of maximizing investment value and returns over the long term.

Starting with the market and feasibility studies, we establish exactly what is most likely to be successful, we then work with design professionals to develop a hotel or resort concept that responds to market demand. We offer support from conception to implementation of the project, including Master plan design in association with all in-house consultants, Vendor Selection and execution of interior and exterior work, negotiating the contracts and assembling the project team. We are able to add value at every phase of the development cycle.